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Remote Control Motorisation for your Blinds

The ultimate application in window furnishing. Motorisation combines Style and Functionality, with the added comfort and security. With cutting-edge technology, our range of motorised blinds are fully programmable to work and be Controlled via a wall switch, home automation system, remote, tablet or via your smartphone.

A modern, sophisticated approach that will allow you and your family to conveniently live your lives at Home, knowing that Privacy, sunlight, warmth, ambience and security can be controlled with a push of a button.

The Flush Fitment range of motorised blinds is tailored to your home, budget, and lifestyle.

Why Choose Flush Fitment?

Our Guarantee

We guarantee our measure and installation will provide you with a ‘Flush Fitment’ every time. All our blinds are backed by a 5 year mechanical warranty.

Made To Measure

Each and every blind is carefully measured and custom made to suit your windows, design selections and budget, after all one size doesn’t fit all.

Fast Turnaround

No long waiting times here! Customers love our speedy service and we work towards having our blinds professionally installed within 6 – 10 working days.

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