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Roller Blinds Melbourne

Looking for custom made roller blinds to match your decor? Our roller blinds are the perfect combination of a modern blind that allows full control of the light in your home — all in a single elegant window furnishing.

Blockout Roller Blinds Melbourne

Blockout Roller Blinds

Blockout roller blinds are an easy way of controlling the level of natural light that enters your room and as blocking it our when required.
Light Filtering Roller Blinds Melbourne

Light Filtering Roller Blinds

Light filtering roller blinds, also known as translucent blinds and sun screen blinds let a gently filtered light into your home.
Double Roller Blinds Melbourne

Double Roller Blinds

Double roller blinds are the best of both worlds, allowing a beautiful filtered light to enter your home by day and complete privacy at night.

Affordable Made-to-Measure Roller Blinds in Melbourne

Incredibly popular and adaptable, our roller blinds are custom designed specifically for your windows and manufactured to the highest standards of quality right here in Melbourne. Our made to measure roller blinds offer a versatile shading solution suitable for any room, whilst delivering high levels of privacy and a stylish element to your space.

As you browse through our Roller blind collections we encourage you to consider the type of light-diffusing product ideal for your window covering. You’ll find fabrics with different opacities from semi sheer to dim out right through to solid opaque blackout blinds. Contact us and speak with a friendly member the Flush Fitment team when searching for Roller Blinds Melbourne.

Our Roller Blind Features

1. Large Selection of Fabrics

We offer one of the most extensive fabric ranges available in Australia, with more than 500 different roller blind fabrics we have a colour to suit you.

2. Different Mounting Options

Where you want your blinds mounted is important, everyone has different preferences, and we have multiple mounting options that will suit you.

3. Block-out or Light Filtering

Choose from our extensive range of block out and light filtering fabrics for your roller blinds or mix things up and opt for installing double rollers.

4. Optional Pelmet Boxes

Add a touch of finesse to your roller blinds by adding our custom made to measure pelmet boxes, available in the exact fabric to match your blinds.

5. Colour Matched Hardware

We can match our window hardware to suit the decor of each room in your home, including mounting brackets, chains and bottom bars.

6. Australian Standards

Our roller blind fabrics comply with important Australian building code requirements Class 2 to 9. (a) building. Tested to AS 1530 Part III.

Book Your Free In-home Measure & Quote

Inspiration & Ideas from our Gallery of Melbourne Roller Blinds

Your Roller Blind Process

1. Measure & Fabric Selection
1. Measure & Fabric Selection

It begins with our roller blind specialist helping you select the ideal configuration and fabric with our collection of over 500 samples brought to your home.

2. Pricing & Your Decision
2. Pricing & Your Decision

One size doesn’t fit all, we can prepare more than one option to match your budget and home. You then decide whether you would like to proceed.

3. Blind Manufacturing
3. Blind Manufacturing

Next, using state of the art cnc cutting machinery and only the best materials and procedures, your new custom roller blinds are made right here in Melbourne.

4. Professional Installation
4. Professional Installation

Your new roller blinds are then fitted by our expert installation team with care and precision, leaving you with exceptional roller blinds to enjoy for years to come.

Common Roller Blind Questions

Roller blinds are quite a universal window furnishing, and they can be installed on just about any type of window. They are not restricted to being mounted inside a window frame, they can also be mounted on the face of the window frame, the wall or even attached to the ceiling.

For further information have a look at our guide on where to install blinds.

The pricing of roller blinds ultimately depends on the size of your window, where the blind is going to be installed and what selection of fabric you choose.

Roller blind fabrics play a large part in your costing as cheaper materials start at $15 per square meter, mid-range fabrics begin at $30 per square meter and high-end designer fabrics can cost as much as $100 – $150 per square meter.

As a simple ballpark guide, custom made roller blinds can cost anywhere between $100 – $400 per window. Installation costs are on average $15-20 per blind.

For an easy way to find out how much your new roller blinds in Melbourne might cost, simply complete our blinds cost online.

Flush Fitment’s timeframe between order and installation for custom made roller blinds in Melbourne is on average 1 – 3 weeks. It will vary on your chosen fabric and its availability, the quantity of blinds and time of the year that you place your order. November to February is a busy season, and sometimes there can be a backlog of work from holiday closure.

If you are ordering pelmet boxes, then we usually need to allow an additional week.

Helpful Hint: For brand new homes it is best to try and contact Flush Fitment as early as possible. Sometimes we can get access to your home during the lock-up stage to perform your measure and quote. This usually will leave enough time that we can have your blinds installed as soon as you move in.

Roller blinds are one of the most ideal window furnishings for an investment property. In fact, Flush Fitment carry a range of roller blind materials that are popular and well suited to investment properties due to requiring zero maintenace and being very easy to clean.

Yes, roller blinds can be used in wet areas such as bathrooms, ensuites and mud rooms. In damp and wet spaces we recommend the use of stainless steel chains. Regular Mild steel can rust and plastic chains have a cotton thread that will deteriorate over time.

Depending on how close the blind is to water we will recommend the use of specific ranges of blind fabrics and materials. Blockout fabrics with a rubber backing or high levels are cotton is not very moisture resistant.

All our custom made roller blinds installed in Melbourne are backed by a five year mechanical and workmanship warranty. The guarantee on fabrics against defects varies from each fabric supplier and is anywhere between 12 months and five years depending on your fabric selection.

Roller blinds do not require frequent cleaning besides occasional dusting. However accidental spills do happen. Each range of roller blind fabrics will have their own care instructions. The first preference to clean roller blinds is using a Chux Magic Eraser, these spot cleaners are non-abrasive and chemical free.

Most synthetic materials can be cleaned a cloth and warm water, it’s not recommended to add any soaps, detergents or essential oils.

Pro Tip: Try not to rub the surface too much when cleaning as this can wear down the material and cause the fabric to fray.

Day/night roller blinds are when two blinds are installed on a single window. One in front of the other, the first is made from a sheer fabric and allows light into your home and provides privacy during the day. The second is a blockout roller blind and the fabric provides complete privacy at night and blocks out light.

Why Choose Flush Fitment For Roller Blinds in Melbourne?

Our Guarantee

We guarantee our measure and installation will provide you with a ‘Flush Fitment’ every time. All our blinds are backed by a 5 year mechanical warranty.

Made To Measure

Each and every blind is carefully measured and custom made to suit your windows, design selections and budget, after all one size doesn’t fit all.

Fast Turnaround

No long waiting times here! Customers love our speedy service and we work towards having our blinds professionally installed within 6 – 10 working days.

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