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Ultimate Guide To Double Roller Blinds

Ultimate Guide to Double Roller Blinds

If you have been looking for new window furnishings then chances are you have heard people in the industry mention “Double Roller Blinds“, “Day & Night Blinds“, “Dual Roller Blinds”  or simply “Double Rollers“.

Can you put two blinds one window? and why on earth would you need two rolled blinds on one window you might think? There are many advantages of double roller blinds such as a better ability on controlling light, greater energy efficiency during summer and winter, not to mention they have a very modern appearance and allow you to play with colours and contrasts.

Double Roller Blinds Installed in Melbourne

A typical double roller blinds installation, one in front of the other.

How do double roller blinds work?

As the name suggests, double roller blinds are are two roller blinds installed on the one window. Not side by side but in fact one in-front of the other. Each blind has its own control allowing you to operate each blind individually.

All roller blinds come in 2 primary types of fabrics:

Option 1: A blackout or block out fabric that is designed to block as much light as possible from entering the room.

Option 2: A translucent screen (also called e-screens, privacy screens & light filtering screens) which allow light to enter the room and you can see outside.

Blockout Fabric and Privacy Screen Fabric

Left: Privacy screen fabric that allows light to enter by day. Right: Blockout fabric that blocks most of the light and view.

Single roller blinds only allow the choice of one type of fabric. Double rollers on the other hand allow you to take advantage of both types of fabrics. The screen allows a soft light inside your home and provides privacy by preventing people from being able to see in your home during the day, while at night the block out roller offers complete privacy.

Screen blinds look great on any home, but they can’t be used on their own as everyone would be able to see in your house at night.

Installation & Mounting Options for Double Roller Blinds

There is a number of mounting options for double roller blinds installation and, you might be able to use any one you want or you might be limited to the configuration and clearance of your windows & window frame.

1. Face Fixed block out and the screen mounted in the reveal

Double roller blinds Screen mounted inside reveal

The blackout blind is mounted on the face of the architrave and the screen is mounted inside the reveal.

This configuration is a Flush Fitment personal favourite, by having the blockout blind on the face of the architrave means the whole window is covered. This method will block out more light when the blockout blind is rolled down. The blockout blind will also hide the components, brackets and mechanism of the screen. The only consideration is you need enough clearance inside the window reveal to mount the screen.

2. The double roller blind bracket

This clever bracket comes in two different options, a slimline bracket and a standard L shape bracket. Both types allow you to mount dual roller blinds in the face of the architrave or both blinds in the window reveal. Like any type of furnishing you need to have enough clearance if you wish to mount them inside the reveal.

Slimline Double Roller Blind Bracket by Acmeda
A slimline double roller blind bracket by Acmeda
TWC Double Roller Blind Bracket
A standard double roller blind bracket.
Inside Reveal Mounted Double Roller Blinds
Double roller blind bracket used for mounting the blinds inside the reveal.
Double roller blinds bracket installed architrave
Double roller blinds & bracket installed on the face of the architrave.

TWC also make a slimline double roller bracket. Both the Acmeda and TWC brackets only require 85mm of clearance. The standard double-blind bracket needs 122mm. You can learn more about the Acmeda Slimline bracket in their brochure here.

Fabric Orientation for Double Roller Blinds

Just like single roller blinds, dual rollers also have different options for which way the fabric rolls. Below is a diagram from Acmeda showing the various arrangments of how fabrics can be rolled on a dual roller blind setup that uses a double bracket. If you would like to read more into the fabric orientation, read our article on over roll vs under roll.

fabric orientation and roll for double rollers

How to get Double Roller Blinds with Flush Fitment

In the last ten years, Double Roller Blinds have become increasingly popular due to many reasons. Out all the different options of window furnishings, double roller blinds offer you the ultimate control over privacy and the amount of light that enters your room. Speak with a member of the Flush Fitment team on 0484 561 107, and we would be happy to further discuss day and night blinds with you.

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  1. Thanks for explaining that you’ll be able to enjoy both privacy screen fabric to allow in light and warmth during the day as well as blockout fabric to stop the light from getting in completely. That would be especially helpful for my husband because he works nights and it’s difficult for him to sleep in a bright room. I’ll start looking for a double roller blind installation service in my area.

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