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What Are Roller Blinds?

What are Roller Blinds?

What are roller blinds?

A Roller blind is a type of window furnishing that can be fitted at the top of the window or sliding door and usually wrapped around a wooden or aluminium/metal tube (the roller). Sometimes lower quality roller blinds may have a plastic or cardboard tube.

Flush Fitment Blinds only use aluminium tubes as the aluminium tubes are lightweight, robust and have the least amount of flex. Depending on the length of your window furnishing different sizes and thicknesses of tubes may be used according to the weight of the blind.

Their primary task is to control the flow and intensity of sunlight in your home, and also provides a sense of privacy. Just like traditional curtains, Roller blinds are often made of fabric and sometimes synthetic materials.

The quality and long-lasting fabrics are treated to make it stiffened, and this process provides a smoother roll and clean looking blind with less chance of kinks.

assorted alluminium roller blind tubes
Shown above is assorted alluminium roller blind tubes in various sizes.

How do Roller blinds wind up and down?

Roller Blinds are one of the most user-friendly types of window furnishings due to their ease of use. Roller blinds have what is known as a winder mechanism that is controlled by pulling on a chain or cord.

They are also known as one of the friendliest types of blinds for the elderly and those who may have a physical disability or have a health problem that prevents them from using full strength in their arms. In these scenarios, a “Booster” can use used. A Booster is a spring loaded mechanism that assists in winding the blind up and down.

Another use for boosters is on roller blinds that are quite large that might be heavy.

For those tech craving customers, you also have the option to go for motorised roller blinds. That allows you to control the movement of the roller blinds using a remote control. Flush Fitment Blinds is a reputed Roller Blind company with a team of advanced technology specialists.

What are roller blinds winder mechanisms
Shown above are roller blinds winder mechanisms.

What types of windows are suitable for roller blinds?

Roller blinds are suitable for most types of windows that are in Melbourne homes.

On some windows, there may be a handle or bar present that protrudes from the window. These items can sometimes affect the roller blind installation and operation as you do not want the bottom bar of your roller blind striking a handle or bar each time you roll it up or down. We have different mounting and positioning options to cater for this scenario.

The weight of the entire Roller blind assembly can sometimes become too heavy or too long. Roller blind fabrics have an absolute limit in length depending on the manufacturer and the range.

For example, Shaw fabrics have a maximum length of 3meters while Wilson Fabrics have a maximum length of 2.8 meters. In the scenario that a blind maybe too heavy or the window length is larger than the fabric chosen the blind can be split into multiple blinds to cater.

Roller Blind Touching Window Bar
As above you can see a bar protruding from the middle of the window that needs to be taken into consideration.

Are roller blinds right for you?

Roller blinds offer different texture, color and come in a wide range of collection. The flow, volume and intensity of the sunlight that comes into the room can be controlled as per your preference using the different types of Roller blinds. It also offers you to have sunlight along with privacy. It’s easy to operate, clean and maintain. At the time of washing window panes you can put down the roller blinds and install it again at any time. You can change the color as per your taste and appearance of the rooms. Remote controlled motorized roller blinds can be used to operate large blinds with ease. It also offers a soothing effect.

textured light filtering roller blinds installed in a bathroom window
Textured light filtering roller blinds installed in a bathroom window.

How Much Do Roller Blinds Cost?

The price of installing Roller blinds in Melbourne depends on the quality, texture and nature of fabrics, the dimensions of the Roller blinds, mechanisms used as controllers as well as the nature of windows. Roller blinds come with a variety of features.

– Single blackout Roller blinds come in different colors, design and texture. They basically block the entire flow of sunlight.

– Double blackout roller blinds are such that one blackout blind is placed at the top and you have another translucent blind attached at the bottom. It’s used to have a controlled flow of sunlight as well as to have the desired level of privacy.

– Some roller blinds come with UV protection and they are generally a bit costly than their counterparts.

– Roller blinds also come with Sunscreen features that basically ease out the intensity of sun rays.

The price depends on the features that you want to avail. Customer assistants at Flush Fitment will assist you to choose the right type of Roller blinds for your house.

Flush Fitment – The Perfect Fit Roller Blinds

Perfect Fit Roller blinds are similar to Roller blinds, but the main structural frame of the roller blinds is placed on the uPVC windows and doors. The Perfect Fit frames are made as per the dimensions of the uPVC windows and doors and such they are placed accurately. The roller blinds can be pulled down as per convenience.

Roller blinds are not just about having a mundane curtain to block the sunlight or having privacy, it’s about living in elegance, convenience and comfort. Flush Fitment believes in perfection. Our friendly customer service assistance will guide to have the most appropriate Roller blinds for your home and office space.

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