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Hampton Style Window Furnishings

Hampton Style Window Furnishings

When it comes to interior design, few styles resonate with the relaxed yet sophisticated Australian aesthetic like the Hamptons style. Originating from the upscale seaside communities on Long Island, New York, this design has found a warm welcome in many Melbourne homes. At its heart, the Hamptons style window furnishings combine elegance with a casual beachside feel, making them perfect for Australian interiors.

Curtains: The Epitome of Elegance

Hamptons Style Curtains

The Charm of Hamptons Style Curtains

Curtains are not just window coverings; they are a statement of style and sophistication. What sets them apart are their distinctive features. Typically, these curtains are suspended by rings on decorative rods, often capped with stylish finials. The fabric used is usually rich in texture and generously full, giving a luxurious, opulent feel to any room.

Hamptons Curtains Colour Combinations

The Art of Details

It’s the small details that make a big difference. The Hamptons style curtains often feature banding and trim details, which add a layer of elegance and finesse. The options for pooling or skirting at the bottom provide a classic touch, while the integration of multiple layers of window treatments can add depth and dimension to your space.
Plantation Shutters: A Touch of Timelessness

Hamptons Style Interior Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters: A Touch of Timelessness

Why Plantation Shutters?

Plantation shutters have long been a favorite in Australian homes, and they fit seamlessly into the Hamptons aesthetic. These shutters are not only timeless in their appeal but also offer excellent functionality, providing privacy and light control while adding an element of structural beauty to your windows.

Plantation Shutters

Customisation is Key

One of the hallmarks of Hamptons style plantation shutters is customisation. Selecting the right material, the perfect finish, and the ideal size ensures that your window furnishings not only look great but also reflect your personal style and meet your home’s unique needs.
Layered Window Treatments: A Symphony of Style

Plantation Shutters with Roller Blinds

The sophisticated Hamptons style of interior design brings a sense of calm and tranquillity to any room. –

The Beauty of Layering

Layering curtains over plantation shutters is a quintessential Hamptons style technique. This approach allows you to combine the practical benefits of shutters with the soft, flowing elegance of curtains. The result is a window treatment that is both visually stunning and highly functional.
Tips for Perfect Layering

To master the art of layering, consider the color, texture, and fabric of both the curtains and the shutters. They should complement each other and the room’s overall color scheme. Additionally, ensure that the hardware for curtains aligns seamlessly with the shutters for a cohesive look.
Compliment Your Hamptons Look with Framed Wall Art

Bringing Walls to Life

No Hamptons style interior is complete without the right wall art. Framed prints, like the beautiful Port Douglas Wharf Panorama or the serene Port Douglas Secluded Shoreline, can perfectly capture the essence of this style.

Hamptons Wall Art - Port Douglas Panorama

The Port Douglas Wharf Panorama Framed Print, with its serene waterfront scene and lush palm trees, encapsulates the coastal charm and relaxed sophistication central to Hamptons interior design. Browse Port Douglas Framed Prints

Choosing the Right Wall Art

Selecting framed prints that reflect the coastal, relaxed vibe of the Hamptons style is key. Look for artwork that features soft colors, nautical themes, or nature-inspired scenes. The frames themselves should also complement the overall aesthetic, with light wood or white frames being particularly popular choices.

Hamptons Wall - Art Lorne Swing Bridge

This Lorne Swing Bridge is a perfect Australian piece for a Hamptons style interior. – Browse the Lorne Wall Art Collection

Embracing the Hamptons style in your Melbourne home is about more than just following a trend; it’s about creating a space that is both elegant and comfortable. Whether it’s through meticulously chosen curtains, bespoke plantation shutters, or artfully layered window treatments, each element plays a part in crafting that perfect Hamptons ambiance. And with the addition of thoughtfully selected framed prints, your home can truly capture the spirit of this beloved style.

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